Air Blown Micro Cable Air Blown Micro Cables are ultra lightweight with and small diameter and designed for metro feeder or access network to be blown into a micro duct by air-blown installation.
As the cable allows the deployment of currently required fiber count, the micro cable provides a lower initial investment and the flexibility to install and upgrade to the latest fiber technologies after the initial installation.

HDPE Sheath Micro Cable
Nylon Sheath Micro Cable
Normal Optical Cables Optical cables are designed and produced in accordance with specifications of all main carriers in Thailand.

Metal Free Central Loose Tube Optical Fiber Cable
Armored Central Loose Tube Optical Fiber Cable
Central Loose Tube Fig. 8 Drop Wire Optical Fiber Cable
Single Layer Stranding Fig. 8 Optical Fiber Cable
Double Layer Stranding Fig. 8 Optical Fiber Cable
Double Layer Stranding Fig. 8 Optical Fiber Cable
Duct Optical Fiber Cable with Aluminium-Plastic Bonding Sheath
Direct Buried Optical Fiber Cable with LAP Sheath and Steel-tape Armoring Jacket
All Dielectric Self-Support Optical Cables (ADSS) ADSS is a perfect solution for establish of communication link in old power line, which can operation properly in the high spatial potential surrounding the power line.

Single Sheath ADSS
Double Sheath ADSS
Overhead Ground Wires with Optical Fibers (OPGW) OPGW is one of communication link in power line, which is a conductor for the short circuit current and provide protection for the power conductor against lightning as well.

Overhead Ground Wire with Optical Fiber (OPGW)
Ribbon Optical Cables In ribbon technology, two or more optical fibers are joined in an ordered unit to form a ribbon, the individual optical fibers are placed equally spaced and parallel to each other in one layer.

Central Loose Tube Optical Fiber Ribbon
Layer Stranding Optical Fiber Ribbon Cable
Indoor Optical Cables Indoor cable is mainly used in transmission equipment, exchange equipment and other equipment in digital process, communication and premise transmission networks.

Simplex Tight Buffer Optical Cable
Duplex Tight Buffer Optical Cable
Multi-core Tight Buffer Optical Cable


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